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Patch V1.02(5.0MB)
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No CD Patch (700kb)

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December 10, 2001 
New No CD Patch available now.  Click HERE to Download now. 

NO CD Patch Instructions.
1) Update To Version V1.02 Click HERE to Download now.
2) Rename the Battle_Realms_F.EXE in the GAME\ folder to           Battle_Realms_F.EXE.ORGV1.2 . 
3) Extract Battle_Realms_F.EXE from the ACE file into the GAME\     Folder.
4) Play the game without the need of the CD.


November 19, 2001

Battle Realms is a WarCraft III like game.  It is based on the samurai type war fare game.  It supports up to 8 player VIA TCP/IP in head to head real time war fare.  There are 2 resources to gather Water and Rice.  You need the water not only to build houses and to train troops, but also to feed the rice paddies.  Troops are trained from your peons that are automatically created from your house buildings every so often. 

Click HERE to read the PC Gamer Review.





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