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March 7, 2001 

NO CD EXE now available for CC Renegade V1.0.1.5
Click HERE to download Now

If using Win2K you might still get a message about CD just Press Cancel and Play.


March 6, 2001 

ShadowGame World play testers have finished with the review.  55% overall rating.  Graphics are ok, the game interface is top notch.  The major problem is Team Death Match only.  Also there is no dedicated server or direct connection.  You must use and sign up for the Westwood Online to play across the internet.

LAN play might be possible if everyone buys there own copy.

CO-OP Rating 0%
Interface Rating 90%
Multi-Play Rating 30%
Total Rating 55%


March 4 2002

Released at all Software Stores.

Check out Screen Shots HERE.

Check out Weapons & Vehicles HERE.


What about multiplay?

We're going to have some awesome C&C style variations on the popular multiplayer games. For instance, instead of capture the flag, we'll have capture Dr. Mobius. Dr. Mobius was an eccentric scientist from the first Command & Conquer, the man who first declared Tiberium to be a dangerous substance. In Capture Dr. Mobius, he's basically a moving flag that you'll have to escort into your base. We'll also have the classic modes like death match and King of the Hill.

The most exciting multiplayer mode we have in store is C&C mode. In it, two teams of players - GDI vs. Nod - attempt to destroy the other's base. Each base functions in a fashion similar to a typical C&C base: Harvesters gather Tiberium and take it to the refinery for processing, power plants supply power to other base structures, etc. As part of the game, you can 'purchase' different character classes (Engineer, Rocket Soldier, etc.) and vehicles (Tanks, Buggies, etc.) with credits earned from kills or from Tiberium processed from your refinery. To win, you must destroy all of your enemy's base buildings, or place the 'end game' beacon (Ion Cannon or Nuke) in the enemy base.

Why did you decide to use "arcade-style" power-ups in Renegade, as opposed to more realistic weapon and health power ups like you see in some FPS games?

Renegade is a fast paced first person action game set in the C&C universe. All along, Renegade's gameplay goal is to recreate the excitement and strategy of the original Command and Conquer, but from a battlefield perspective.

Renegade does have more tactical and strategic depth than games like Quake or Unreal, but this doesn't exclude the use of power-ups. Even more 'realistic' games such as Counter-Strike have power-ups in the form of dropped guns you can pick-up off the ground. What makes those power-ups different is simply their artistic execution. We've struck a good compromise in Renegade - the health and ammo looks like an arcade-style power-up, but are found in realistic rational locations. Additionally, we have power-ups for our multi-player games in the form of crates - just like the original C&C.

Can the player play Nod in multiplayer mode?

You can play Nod only in C&C mode.

Will gamers be able to customize their own maps and skins? Will Westwood offer a level editor?

We know how important it is to our fans to have a map/mission editor, mods and skins, and we are looking in to providing all of these things. We'll know more about that closer to launch.

What about the C&C vehicles? Will the player be able to control them?

Absolutely. All of the familiar C&C vehicles are making a return in Renegade and Havoc will be able to control all of the ground vehicles, such as Medium Tanks, Flame Tanks, APC's and Nod Buggies.


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