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May 10th, 2001

The 2.0 patch is ready! Aside from a bunch of bugs being fixed, there are some new features in 2.0 including:

-Remote server admin including kicking and banning.
-In game voting for kicking and map rotation.
-Server browser distinguishes the different game versions (eg: White=compatible)
-AFK kick as a server side option.
-IP banning as a server side option.
-Server side option to force balanced teams when you join.
-Tac map shows enemies when they are outside.

Read the Announcement on our Help Page for the full list of fixes and new features.

Click HERE to DownLoad Now.


April 19, 2001 

Retail Patch Version 2.0 Soon to be Available for download.

2.0 is almost done and I think we will begin internal testing tomorrow. If all goes well, we will get some of you on board to help us fill a few servers and stress it for a bit before we release it. Testing should take at least a week because we will be very careful that we do not create any new bugs before we release it.

2.0 should add some new features that you have been asking for. Mostly server admin stuff and some extra bits for the in game server browser.

Here are some things to look forward to:

remote server admin including kicking and banning
In game voting for kicking and map rotation
The ability to refresh favorite servers
The ability to refresh only servers on screen
The ability to save the server list and not do a full refresh on game start
A whole new set of filters. Yippee!
The server browser now knows about the different versions so you can see what server is what version.
AFK kick as a server side option
IP banning! Bu-bye you annoying TKers!
Improvement to best weapon selection key
Shooting your teammate will cost you money so you can forget about that medic trick
Server side option to force balanced teams when you join
Tac map will show enemies that are outdoors. This should add a whole new level of strategy to games with an IO
Server optimizations and bugfixes (especially for the linux server)

In addition some nasty bugs will be fixed including the following (and this is only a partial list):

The mouse wheel bug
the muzzle flash bug
Some shots are not making it to the server and back. There are 4 (yes FOUR) bugs that are fixed here. This is where the sniper frustration comes from.
FF/VIP issue fixed.
Grenade issues fixed
reload problem fixed...again! This time for good!
Fix for the jiggies

There are a bunch more smaller bug fixes and we will also be trying to fix any other bugs that we can reproduce.


April 11, 2001 

Retail Patch Version 1.2 Available for download.

Below is a list of fixes in 1.2:
i) fixed the client freeze at round end
ii) fixed server crash when allied teams kill NPCs
iii) fixed mouse zoom bug
iv) fixed gas/smoke grenade sprite bug
v) c4 bomb pick up issue
vi) other stability fixes

Click HERE to download Now


March 13, 2001 

Public Beta Available for download.

Dave N says "Dude's there is only 1 game in the world we should be playing, and that is GLOBAL OP'S (beta demo). download the demo here:"
Click HERE to download Now


March 12, 2001 

Screen Shots Added Check Them Out HERE.



What is Global Operations?
Global Operations is a realistic, team based first person shooter being developed by Barking Dog Studios for Crave Entertainment. G-O takes players to international hot spots where they can play on either side of an armed conflict. G-O is multi-player first, however the levels will be playable offline against bots.

When will Global Operations be released?
Global Operations is planned for release March 26, 2002.

What are the system requirements for Global Operations?
The minimum system to run Global Ops is a Pentium III 500 MHz (or Athlon 500), 128 MB of RAM, 16 MB 3D hardware graphics card, 800MB HDD space, 8x CD-ROM, 56K for online play. The recommended system is a Pentium III 800 MHz or greater, 128MB of RAM or more, 32 MB 3D hardware graphics card, 800MB HDD space, 16x CD-ROM, DSL/Cable or other high speed internet connection for online play.

How much will Global Operations cost?
That will be set by the individual retailers, but will surely be a normal price.

What platforms will Global Operations be available on?
Global Operations will be available for the PC platform only.

What sort of game is Global Operations?
Global Operations presents high-tech military conflict in current hotspots around the globe. Using the latest weaponry and equipment two teams battle in exotic locations with a wide variety of mission scenarios including Hostage Rescue, Territory Control, VIP Extraction and much more.

What is the story to Global Operations?
Each of the levels has it’s own unique story line and mission which is appropriate to the location.

What is a "TTD?"
Global Operations is a round-based game with a unique reinsertion method. Players who are taken out of the game in mid-round will have to wait out a predetermined amount of time. A Troop Transport Device, or ‘TTD’ will then deliver them back into the action. This is a vehicle that will bring all of the reinforcements back into the action together. While waiting for the vehicle to travel to the delivery point, players will be able to communicate with each other and be see the action happening in the game through in-game cameras.

Will there be spray tags?
Global Operations will not feature spray tags but will feature unique identifying patches that can be placed on various locations of the player’s body.

Who are some of the people working on Global Operations?
Global Operations is being developed by the team that worked on Beta 5 of Counter-Strike. Team members have also worked on Final Doom, Half-Life, Team Fortress Classic, Day of Defeat and many other first person mapping and mod projects.

What kind of missions will be featured in the game?
Global Operations will have many different mission types, including territory control, VIP rescue, assassination, bombing and capture the object. All of these mission types will be implemented in a manner appropriate to the location and forces involved.

How many different Specialties will there be?
There will be seven specialties in Global Operations; Commando (a general purpose soldier), Medic, Sniper, Heavy Gunner, Demolitions Expert, Reconnaissance and the Intelligence Officer.

How many different levels will there be?
Global Operations will feature 13 levels.

How many different skins will there be?
For each of the 13 levels there are 2 forces that are in conflict. On each side there are 6 specialties, each of which has a unique look, thus there are 26*6 skins....156!

How many guns will there be?
Global Operations will have 32 guns: 8 handguns, 6 submachine guns, 4 machine guns, 6 assault rifles, 4 sniper rifles and 4 shotguns.

Will players be able to snipe from a prone position?
We are not supporting prone position sniping and movement. Sniping will be most accurate from a crouched position.

How do the Specialties work in Global Operations?
Players will be able to choose between being a Commando, Sniper, Reconnaissance, Heavy Weapons, Medic, Demolitions Expert and Intelligence Officer. Each specialty will have a different set of equipment to choose from and skills to match. This is not to say that a player will be unable to use equipment outside of their specialty; they will not be able to purchase non-native equipment, but will be able to use it (at a lower skill level) if the item is found in the field. The intelligence officer does not play in the level, instead they see the mission unfolding through the view of the squad members, and can communicate strategy to the team as the mission unfolds.

Will the weapons be customizable? (ie: silencers on sniper rifles, scopes for non rifles)
Yes. There are many upgrades for the various weapons, including more powerful scopes, multiple ammo clips, silencers, tactical lights, laser pointer/designator etc.

Will there typically be innocents wandering around the streets?
There will be various hostages, civilians and police forces in some missions but teams will be punished for attacking these non-player characters.

How long will smoke last?
About 15 seconds.

What default weapons do players start with at the beginning of a round?
None, but you start the round with enough money to buy at least a handgun and some other equipment like grenades.

Is OpenGL supported?
No, Global Operations uses D3D to interface with most popular video display hardware.

What Operating Systems will GO run on?
Windows '98, ME, XP, and Win2000.

Will players be able to drive vehicles?

Can there be more than 1 person per team playing as the Intelligence Officer?

Can the Intelligence Officer talk to specific team members or do all team members see/hear the message?

Can a person playing as the Intelligence Officer add more screens to the interface?
You can't add screens, but you can choose what's on each screen.

Will there be any incindiary grenades?
No, there are Smoke, CS Tear Gas, Flash Bang, and Frag Grenades.

Will players be able to pick up ammo off the ground?
No, if you pick up a weapon you get the ammo for that weapon.

Are there different types of ammo that can be bought for certain weapons?
No, each weapon has a single ammo type.

When a player dies, do they drop ALL of their weapons and equipment for other people to pick up?
No, they only drop the currently equipped weapon.

How will the multiplayer game work?
The game is round based, with round times being anywhere from five to fifteen minutes. Players are awarded with cash when certain events take place, this cash can later be used to upgrade weaponry.
Players can find a server with the in game server browser and once connected they will start inside a troop transport device which is already rolling.

How many players are you looking at for multiplayer?
We expect the maps to accommodate no more than 24 players (12 per team).

Will there be any server-side options? (ie: friendly fire)
Without going into too many details, there will be many server side options.

How will Global Operations run on a 56k modem?
Global Operations will be optimized for a 56k modem. However a faster connection is recommended.

Will Global Operations have Linux support?
A Linux version is not currently planned. A Linux server will be available soon.

What engine does Global Operations use?
Global Operations uses a heavily modified version of the LithTech 2.x engine.

Why does Global Operations use the Lithtech engine?
The team felt that the game we wanted to make could have been built with any of the major licensed engines. The level of support provided impressed us, and we were able to get up and running very quickly.
The engine has some issues of course, but this fact is true of any of the available engines.

Will players be able to modify the weapon skins?

Will the editing tools be released before the game?


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