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    NWN: LinkSys Server/Firewall Setup

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  1. Finding your Internal IP and Port from the NWN Dedicated Server Window...
  2. Signing into your Linksys How...
  3. Finding your External or WAN IP from the Linksys...
  4. Setting your DHCP...
  5. Setting your Security Page...
  6. How to get to your Advanced Pages...
  7. Setting your Filters Page under Advanced Options...
  8. Setting your Forwarding Page under Advanced Options...
  9. Setting your DMZ Page under Advanced Options...
  10. Lets look at the Finished work...
  11. Older Linksys Firmware to download...

Finding your Internal IP and Port from the NWN Dedicated Server Window...

As you can see from the above picture Your Internal NOT external IP is listed.  Also the Port that this server will listen to is displayed.

So in this case my Internal IP is  And this Server will listen on Port# 5122.  

The Port# can be changed in the nwnplayer.ini file in the Never Winter Night Game Folder. 
It will be under the [Server Options] like this 

[Server Options]
Server Name=ShadowGameWorld: NWN1
Max Players=8
PVP Setting=2
Game Port=5122

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Signing into your Linksys how?...

Open your Web Browser. IE or Netscape is fine. 

1) Type the IP for your Linksys Box.  By default that is 

2) A Username / Password Window will appear.  You only need a Password.   By default Linky's ship with admin all lower case. 
    type in your password and press enter.

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Finding your External or WAN IP from your Linksys...

Figure A
The circled IP is your External or WAN or Internet IP.  This info is located on your STATUS page under the Heading
 of WAN.  The IP Address listed under WAN is your external or internet IP.

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Setting your DHCP...

As you can see I have DHCP Enabled and working.  Yet my main game box has a static IP.  Please click HERE to setup a static IP on your box. 

The most important part is that your Static IP must be LOWER than 100 or what you have set in Starting IP Address:

As is stated by Linksys you DO NOT have to turn off DHCP to do port forwarding. This will be seen under Port Forwarding.

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Setting your Security Page...

As can be seen by this I do not use any of the extra Security features of the Linky.  I do not know what effect this would have on NWN. 

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How to get to your advanced pages...

When you first log into your router this is the first page you will see. 

Figure A.  This is the tab or link you use to get your advanced options.  This includes
                          Port Forwarding, DMZ, and Filters. 

Figure B.  This shows what your Current Linky's IP is.  If you were to ping this IP the Router itself would answer.  
                          This is also the IP you need when setting up a Static IP, because this becomes your Gateway IP.


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Setting your Filters Page under Advanced Options...

Figure A
These are the setting that I run that work for NWN.  Under Firmware V1.43 the SPI option is no longer available. 
If you do not need to do Remote Management then this option should also be disabled. 
Also, unless you have DSL the MTU setting should be left disabled.  This can cause some Forwarding problems in the older firmware.


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Setting your Port Forwarding under Advanced Options...

Figure A
As can be seen by this I have 2 NWN servers setup.  The NWN is the one we will discuss for now. You should also note that I have 
other applications setup that use forwarded ports.  As long as none of the port#'s overlap there is no problem with this. 

Customized Applications
This is a free Form Description area.  This is optional.  Linky put this in to help us keep track of what each port range is used for.

This covers the Range of Port# that you wish to be forwarded.  As can be seen I am only forwarding only 1 port to each Server.
The Port# to be forwarded can be found under the NWN Server Settings.  This is all you need for posting to GameSpy.

Protocol       Protocol
  TCP               UDP

This tells the Linksys if you wish to forward TCP or UDP Packets of information.  Since NWN only uses UDP we only 
need to forward UDP.  Place a check mark by clicking under UDP.

IP Address
We see that the first 9 digits of the IP has been entered for us; this being 192.168.1.  All we need to do is type in the last 3 digits
of the IP Address we want to forward to.  This IP can be found under the NWN Server Settings.  

And lastly the Enabled must be check marked.  If this is not checked then the port forwarding we just setup will be saved, but will not 
actually forward the data.

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Setting your DMZ under Advanced Options...

DMZ Host
IP Address:
As can be seen above I have this set to a ZERO.  This is the same as disabling DMZ.  There is no need to turn on DMZ to get 
the server to function, because all the work is being done under Port Forwarding.

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Lets Look at the finished work...

Here we can see the server is up and running at GameSpy.  And we can see that only 1 port was needed to be forwarded, Port#5124.

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Older Linksys Firmware to download...

Once downloaded please be sure to print or write down your settings in the Linky.  By flashing the router 
all your settings will be erased.  Just follow the original instructions  that came with Linky to flash backwards.

If you have problems you can follow the instructions to replace a STICKY Firmware.

NOTE: If you flash your Linky Tech Support may give you problems.  This is due 
to the fact that you should only flash your Firmware if you have a major problem.

Well at least according to Linky Tech Support.

Right Click and Save Target as... to save a zipped file.

Linksys BEFSR41 V1.43 This is the Current Version

Linksys BEFSR41 V1.42.7

Linksys BEFSR41 V1.42.6

Linksys BEFVP41 V1.40.2 This is the VPN Router Firmware

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