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New Map Trench Toast (NO Installer)

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November 28, 2001

New Map to DownLoad  Trench Toast.  I have removed the installer to shrink the size of this download.  Follow the instructions below to install Trench Toast.  

Install Instructions
You must un-ace the file onto your machine. Once you do you will find
these files:

* mp_pakmaps0.pk3 - The new map and game files
* License.txt - By installing Return to Castle Wolfenstein on your
system you've agreed to this license
* Readme.txt -  Help document.

All you need to do is move or copy the file "mp_pakmaps0.pk3" into the
/Main folder located where you installed Return to Castle
Wolfenstein. You will see other *.pk3 files there as well.

Click HERE to DownLoad Size = 2.8meg.


November 25, 2001

Wolfenstein No CD Fixed EXE for Multi and Single play released for V1.0.

Install Instructions
Rename WolfMP.exe & WolfSP.exe in the game directory to WolfMP.exe.Org & WolfSP.exe.Org.  Once this is done un-ace or copy the WolfMP.exe & WolfSP.exe from the ACE file to the game directory. Play game.

Click HERE to DownLoad Size = 668k


November 21, 2001

Wolfenstein is Released and is at retail stores.





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